Plissè spa is an Italian fashion house that has combined the know-how and authenticity of Italian taste with a cutting-edge business style for thirty years.

As a source of ideas and a meeting place for people, Plissè spa has always focused on international growth, maintaining a corporate structure with increasingly internalised production processes that facilitate the exchange of ideas.

The quality and aesthetics of our lines are the result of a united team that works together to create a Made in Italy product that is integrates perfectly into today’s market. Plissè is present in the largest international markets: United States, Middle East, Russia, Europe and the Balkans.



Morena Bragagnolo was born in Veneto, a region of great ideas, from a family where the taste of fabric and creativity has always been in the air. Before becoming full-fledged qualified and esteemed fashion designer, she worked for several years in the creative field, gaining a great experience from the study of modelling, timing and work methods. After that she dedicated herself to her career following the product from the concept to the production of the finished garment.
Her passion for design content and product technical innovation stands out from her collections.

The concept of style matured over the years has always been the one of an innovative product with a strong character and image, and at the same time, full of extraordinary elegance and femininity, as well as a strong personal impact. Be content with being exclusively trend and charming would not be enough to obtain the next results and achieve the targets designed for the future. From the brands “Sfizio” and “Beatrice .b” designed and followed by Morena and from the other collection where she collaborates by suggesting her ideas, always stands out the taste for beauty and the passion for the Italian art and culture, inimitable mark of her most profound and fascinating background.



Paolo Mason was born in the Veneto region in a family already involved in the entrepreneurship field. His roots gave rise to a strong entrepreneurial personality that leads him thinking about the future an opportunity for growing. He focus on the idea that the present act as a springboard for the future.

Therefore, it is important not to stop but move on and bring forward present time into a future tomorrow. His positive approach is one of his main qualities that let him approach things in a rational way in order to find solutions that are logical and brilliant. In a positive working atmosphere, with an established harmony between employers and a great empathy among all the coworkers, it’s easier to create more solid relationships which are important for the company’s growth.